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1500 Square Feet of Hawk Protection For Less than $100!  - FREE SHIPPING, too!

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How does HawkStopper work? When you call someone eagle eye, it's because they have sharp eyesight. But in reality, no human's eyesight comes even close to the visual capabilities of predatory raptores like hawks, eagles and falcons. These birds see about 8 times better than humans - they see things sharper and from a greater distance than anything we can imagine. HawkStopper uses the hawks' incredible eyesight to turn an easy-to-handle, inexpensive, lightweight 1500 square foot mesh into a formidable and impenetrable barrier. What we see as almost invisible looks to hawk like jail cell door!

 The illustration below compares how the HawksStopper looks to us vs. how it looks to a hawk.
To a hawk, it looks 8 times bigger and 8 times stronger and can be seen from
 8 times farther away!

  What we see - hawkstopper    what-hawk-sees-hawkstopper       PredatorPee-logo

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This concept was first used to protect salt-water salmon farms in the Gulf of Maine from predatory sea birds. HawkStopper now uses the same principles of visual deflection to protect free-range chickens, turkeys and ducks as well as koi, catfish and other inland pond or farm-raised fish.
At less than 7 cents a square foot, there is simply no better protection available!

Buy Now: HawkStopper 1500 sq ft net (approx. 20'x75') - Only $95 with Free Shipping -

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